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If you have a retail business, grab your piece of the $100 billion legal industry by adding Business and Legal Document Preparation Services to your Existing Business! Learn how to use your existing office, computers and customers to earn substantial profits all year long! The high cost of attorneys' fees has opened an extraordinary window of opportunity in the preparation of simple legal documents in uncontested legal matters, such as divorces, wills, bankruptcies, business incorporations, and many more. Many people are tired of overpaying for common legal services and are creating an enormous demand for convenient, low cost document preparation services, where they can save hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in attorneys’ fees.

The Legal Forms Business is the second largest growth industry in the nation. The enormous demand for document preparation services is evident in California, where more than 75% of divorces and 60% of bankruptcies are now done without attorney representation.
Make this lucrative profit center part of your existing business by providing an alternative to the high cost of lawyers and legal services by adding POCKET LAWYER Business And Legal Document Preparation Services. No legal background or experience is necessary since we prepare the documents and are responsible for their accuracy. All you need is a desire to increase your income while helping your customers help themselves. We are not lawyers and we DO NOT give legal advice. We assist people, who choose to represent themselves, with the preparation and filing of their legal and business documents.

This program was developed for independent business owners; people who understand the need for affordable professional services and the economic rewards for providing them. You are invited to review the enclosed materials and we look forward to your continued interest. Sincerely,

Kenneth Irek,
Vice President, Business Development

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does the Pocket Lawyer Document Preparation Service provide?
Affordable, quick and accurate document preparation services for simple, uncontested business and legal matters, such as adoption, bankruptcy, child support enforcement, deeds, divorce, DBA, wills, living trusts, name change, power of attorney, prenuptial agreement, probate, small claims, and dozens of other forms and documents.

Who are the Pocket Lawyer Document Preparation Service’s customers?
Generally any person that does not want the expense of hiring a lawyer or wishes to have control over their own legal matters. The legal document preparation business has a huge and growing market, with the increasing acceptance of self-help legal services. Additionally, your existing and future tax client’s have an excellent cross-sales potential.

Who prepares the documents?
The Documents are prepared by trained professionals at one of our Pocket Lawyer Central Processing Centers. The forms are the most up to date and have been attorney-reviewed.

What is the Procedure?
Your customers complete a workbook by answering simple questions about their legal matter. This easy to understand, step-by-step guide provides us with the information needed to prepare their documents quickly and accurately. The completed documents are reviewed and transmitted to your Center, usually within 2 to 4 days, ready for your customer’s immediate use. Additionally, filing services are available in most states.

Do I need experience in the legal profession?
No prior legal training is necessary. The documents are prepared at our Pocket Lawyer Central Processing Centers, leaving you free to concentrate on marketing and growing your business. A licensed attorney, through our Attorney Advice Line, can answer any legal questions your customers may have. A small fee is charged for this service.

What facilities and equipment do I need to run this business?
The same office and equipment you are using for a retail business can also be used for the document preparation business. A computer, fax and telephone are all that are really needed.

How much is the non-exclusive Service Fee?
The cost of a Pocket Lawyer Document Preparation Service Agreement is $975. This special pricing is only for Business Professionals in business one year or more.

How much money can I make?
The growing demand for affordable business and legal documents, such as Living Trusts, Corporations, LLCs, Wills and Divorces, provides an unlimited profit potential.

How soon after I acquire a Pocket Lawyer Document Preparation Service Center can I be in business?
You can begin making year-round profits by offering legal and business documents in approximately 5 to 7 days.

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